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Lost and Found in America

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I was zoning out on TV yesterday and heard, I think a celebrity, say something very insightful (imagine that) about their life at that point in time. She said, “the good thing about being in your 30’s is that you know what you love and whom you love so it’s no where near as hard as the previous 30 years of your life.”

Stefan Rest and Summer Hogan; Christmas 2006

Its a very good point. I struggled with my identity, as all children do, until I thought I discovered who I was (ah, right) around my Junior or Senior year of high school. I progressed on that path through the tutiledge of many great people, some of which know they influenced me and some of them that don’t until my mid 20’s. I was content and happy with my life goals except for one goal which I had never tried to tackle. I felt like I was lacking a few things that I never had and one goal that so many other people had obtained. Get A Real Job so I can have; Money. White Collar job. Nice Car. Expensive Suits. Expensive Watches. Dry Cleaning. Weekends off. Holidays off.

So, i jumped into the job market of San Diego and started my quest to be a rich business man with an Armani Suit, Ferragamo Shoes, a Brietling Bently Watch, Zegna ties, VIP Tables with Bottle Service and a top of the line BMW to get me there. Hence, getting swept downstream with the masses, the sheep that make this world go around and essentially loosing my identity all over again (not that I ever had it in High School, but I was lost again).

It took me 6 years to figure out what makes me tick, find myself again and prioritize the important elements of my life…But now I’ve go my eyes on the prize.

This is a bit of a rant so I will summarize;
I was once lost in the “American Way”, but now I am Found…on the right path again with the right person. We are pictured above(maybe I am not completely on the right path…I am growing a mustache ha!) on our way to Summers grandma’s house in Poway California for a Christmas Eve Dinner and some exchanging of gifts.

Halloween is Spooky

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So, it has been a week since I posted the below post with no feds knocking at my door. That is a relief :-) But not even any trick or treaters dressed as Feds!

Summer and I went up to LA for a halloween party on Saturday night, got some Deep Tissue Massages and had a high end dinner at Rubios…mmmmm Shrimp Burritos. Geez, I love the holidays :-)

Check out the Halloween Picture of Summer and I dressed as construction workers.

And then there is the always classic Halloween episodes brought to you by the unbelievably talented “The Simpsons” crew…i love the humor. Its is so wrong:

Happy Halloween!

Circus Trash

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Yep, Circus Trash. It amazes me…so I took a picture of it and am posting it in my blog. Look how high the trash is over the rim of the trash can!!! You have to be kidding me!

This needs to go in the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest Circus Trash Stacker. Nuts…do you stack your trash?

Panty Dropper Recipe

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I am trying to make the “panty dropper” recipes easy for you to follow…if you print this out…please delete the “panty dropper” line in case you leave it laying around the house. J I would hate for this beautiful date of yours to loose respect for me “before” she even meets me :-)

Shopping List:

Sashimi grade Tuna (cryo frozen if they have it)
Black AND White Sesame Seeds
Sesame Oil
Virgin Olive Oil
Baby New Potatoes (red ones, you don’t have to peel and they add color/Yukon Gold will work as well)
Sour Cream (small container)
Crème Fraiche (if they have it)
Philadelphia brand Cream Cheese (small container)
Garlic (you can buy pre-chopped)
Half and Half (small container)
Shallots (3)
Rice Wine Vinegar
Sweet Cream Butter

Start by putting a BIG pot of water on to boil…this will take 20 minutes to get hot and another 40 to boil the potatoes completely. Then go to prepping all of your stuff….when you are done prepping, the potatoes will be boiled and ready for the MAGIC SMASHING. Don’t put the tuna on the grill until the potatoes are ready and sitting on low heat. Serve the Ahi Tar Tar while you are waiting for the potatoes to boil with some vino.

Plop a big wooden spoon full of potatoes on the center of the plate. Put the asparagus right on top of the potatoes with all the tips pointing in one direction and put the Grilled ahi on top of the asparagus. Then push the ahi down onto the plate…this will smoosh the potatoes out towards the side of the plate, pust the asparagus into the potatoes and it will look like the tuna is resting on the “asparagus grill”. J

Don’t be afraid to give her a job while she is sipping on her mojito…setting the table, making the cocktails, peeling the cucumbers…food preparation is very seductive…as is a man completely preparing a meal for a that one is your call J .

Asparagus: This is real easy, tastes great and adds a lot of color to a plate.
Pour some olive oil over top of the asparagus in a dish,
Add salt and pepper to taste
When you throw them on the grill, keep in mind that you want them to get a little black on the corners..the charring adds flavor.

Ahi Tuna: This is also very simple, the key is to serve immediately upon removing from the grill, so cook these last after the potatoes are ready. Make sure these cuts of the tuna are completely thoughed.
Put a bunch of Black and White Sesame seeds in a zip lock back and throw cuts of Ahi in one at a time and shake the bag around seductively J The point here is to encrust the tuna with sesame seeds.
On high heat, place the Tuna Steaks on the grill…after about one minute rotate the Steak 45%…this will create black char lines across the steaks. (Don’t worry about the seeds that fall off)
You will only need to cook these for about 3 or 4 minutes. The point is to sear the outside and leave the inside raw…serve with a side of wasabi.

Ahi TarTar: this is super easy, if the tuna is good, it will do all the work for you at meal time (leave these frozen pieces in the fridge, so they partially though…if they are still a little hard, they are easier to chop and will though after)
Chop the tuna up into little squares
Chop the shallots to little squares (about three of them)
Peel and Chop Cucumbers into little squares (same size as shallots, consistent size of cuts adds to pleasure of meal)
Mix chopped tuna, shallots and cucumbers into a bowl.
Add 4 Tablespoons of sesame oil
Add 2 Teaspoons of Sesame Seeds
Add 3 Teaspoons of Rice Wine Vinegar
Wash Hands
Mix by gently turning all ingredients in a bowl with your hands
Season with salt and pepper to taste
Serve on a bowl with a dollop of crème fraiche on the side for dippin’ (if they don’t have the crème, use sour cream)

Garlic Smashed Potatoes (low fat)

Boil Water
Add Potatoes
Once potatoes are cooked (push fork into them and make sure they are soft), pour all of the potatoes into a strainer
Dry out pot and put back on medium heat with
Add 3 seconds worth of pouring (quarter cup?) of virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon of garlic
1 Stick of sweet cream butter
Sautte for about 3 minutes with 1.5 cups of half/half standing by
Add half/half as garlic starts to really sizzle, BEFORE IT BURNS (the milk will stop the garlic from cooking instantly)
Add potatoes and SMASH like crazy (the trick with potatoes isn’t to try to puree them, but keep them a little lumpy)
Half way through mashing, add 4 heaping tablespoons of sour cream and half a bar of Philadelphia brand Cream Cheese
Smash it all together until all of the cream cheese lumps are gone,
Salt and pepper to taste

Alright…let’s see if this thing lives up to its name Buenos Suerte…..