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Waiting for Summer

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Summer and her dad fly in to Puerto Rico tonight. I am stoked to see her…we were so busy before I left I feel like we haven’t hung out together in weeks. Realistically, we probably haven’t spent more than a full day or two together in the last month.

So, her flight arrives at 3:30am in Aguadilla on Jet Blue. I started playing poker around 7am with 14 people and made it down to the last 3. I went all in on Pocket Jacks and the other guy hit a 3rd 5 on the river. So, with that said, it is 11:37pm and I have to leave here in 2.5 hours to pick them up.

So, I only tell you all this because I think it is just meant to be. lol.

I just got some spam in my inbox and it reads;

I hope this message finds you all well and getting ready for Summer!



Rockstar Girlfriend

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My girlfriend is an Internet rockstar. When we went out on our first date, I had no idea that she knew anything about SEO or even what she did for a living (online retail) or that she was basically famous. We were talking, as a man and women do on a date, on our way through the dirt parking lot of the Buick Invitational Golf Tournament and I found out she made a living on the Internet! Wow, so do I! We had so much to talk about right off the bat, she was beautiful (and still is very much so) and she told me that her 5 year plan was to move to the tropics and run her online business from there. She wanted to surf and live simply. I don’t know if she could read the expression on my face or if I disguised it, but I was done for good…I knew that we were going to grow old together.

The reason why I write all of this flattery and open up to you all, is that while clicking around her brothers site I made it to a site called where there are a few pictures of Summer. The anonymous comments left about her are priceless. The last guy really is classic, though, I don’t recall Summer actually going to Catholic University nor did I find any toilet shots…but I wouldn’t want to mess with this guy…he seems pretty tough.

Here is the picture everyone is commenting on:

summers melons

I just love this chic! Would anybody believe me if I told you she wears a pink bikini while riding a pink surfboard with “Viscious” written on it? (I heart you Summer)

Nice melons… and the fruit’s not bad either.

This human has to be one of the most striking females I have ever laid my eyes on and I could marry her and make her a GODDESS

I want this woman to beat me and make me write bad checks

lol You should make her write u a check for beating you

I am a bonified connoisseur of beautiful ladies, who was a senior in school with Antonella (Catholic University) when she was in her Softmore year. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure to actually meet her, she is really very nice, SO much hotter in person, and a whole lot smarter than than you would ever expect. Any man would be lucky to be by her side, and she would make the most secure woman jealous. She really is all that; a very rare, one of a kind, TEN. Some of the pictures are not even her at all, like the blow job ones, the ones that are her do not do her justice, and jerk that released the naughty and toilet photos deserves a good ass whipping; and believe me I can will walk the walk when you are exposed.

Sleep Talking

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Funny thing about sleep talking. If you are the talker, you never remember what you said the night before but the person next to you in bed remembers it clear as day…mostly because you woke them up out of a deep sleep in an apparent one sided conversation. About 5% of adults in the world are reported to talk in their sleep and guess what, Summer is one of them.

sleep process

I have no idea what time it was, but I was dead asleep enjoying some REM when I was awoken with a “WOW”! It was summer. I looked over at her sound asleep, and without skipping a beat, she then said “That thing is huge!”

I asked her today if she had any “dirty” dreams last night, obviously trying to entrap her, but she replied with a “not that I remember.” I told her that she woke me up the night before yelling, “Wow, that thing is huge!” and she started laughing hysterically, which became infectious.

With all that I have going on with my business right now and her business keeping her busy 14 hours a day, that was some great unintentional comic relief. Have you ever had a funny sleep talking experience?

Ultimate Valentines Day Present

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So, as we approach Valentines Day, Summer and I decided to save our money and not buy each other extravagant valentines day presents. I know it seems a little, bah humbug, but we are very practical people and we are trying to save money for a huge project in our near future.

I got into work this morning and did my usual reading of Summers blog, and what do I find? An entire blog entry about the present I was going to buy her for Valentines day before we decided not to buy each other presents. And she really wants it.

“Stefan told me what he was going to get me and now I WANT IT SO BAD! I had never even heard of it before, but I checked it out and I want the Nike+ system!”

So here I am, in quite a pickle. Summer really wants the Nike+ System but we already decided not to buy each other presents! Now, mind you, I am a thinker. I over think, or at least really analyze every decision I make…even decisions as easy as “what’s for dinner.” So, I have come up with a really good solution. I am going to post what I would really like for Valentines Day…hopefully Summer will read this, tell me if we are going to do gifts for each other…and problem solved.

The Ultimate Valentines Day Present for me:

The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

This handy little unit is waterproof and is designed for outdoor and marine use. It has a removable microSD card for detailed mapping memory and is built with an indestructible rubber housing. It has a USB port that can load map data from around the world and can upload pre-mapped out routes from my laptop. I can even buy pre-loaded microSD cards with MapSource and BlueChart.

MapSource will be a rad addition to my outdoor adventure gear because I will be able to map out trails and roads in advance. There will be no more questionable turns in baja or central America…we’ll know exactly where we are at all times. I will be able to breadcrumb my riding/hiking/traveling, integrate the coordinates with Google Earth and print out/post satellite images of my rides, hikes, camping trips and surf trips.

This brings me to BlueChart. BlueChart is a plug-and-play programmed card that helps boaters navigate the seas around the world. You might ask me, Stefan, I didn’t know you had a boat! Well, I don’t! But…Summer and I love to travel to surf. One of the things about traveling to new places and surfing is that we don’t really know where the good surf breaks are or how to get to them unless they have been discovered by other people and published. Using BlueChart, I will be able to study the contours of the bottom of the Ocean wherever we are traveling and make much better decisions on where we are going and how we are going to get there when we are hunting waves. Deep water to shallow water makes for good surf breaks.