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Rotator Cuff Injuries Suck When You’re a Surfer

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I hate going to the doctor. I don’t have insurance and always research the Internet for cures. Maybe one day I’ll wise up and trust in my doctors AND ask them questions about my shoulder instead of Google.

So, over the past year my right shoulder has been getting more and more tender, but only enough to poke fun at myself for getting old. I am 37 years old as I write this post. Then, on a recent trip to Nicaragua, I really felt the pain. It hurt to lift it over my shoulder but I never had a specific event that would cause great injury to my shoulder and cause a full tear (almost always requiring surgery), just a partial tear or a little bit of tendon damage. From the research I have done, it appears that only the major tears require surgery…which is very good news for my surfing.

Here are some events that could cause a rotator cuff injury;

  • repetitive lifting over your head
  • repetitive over the shoulder motion in sports like paddling, throwing etc
  • a hard fall in sports like when skiing you land on your harm and tweak it around

Here is the bad news for my surfing. Most advice I could find online recommended resting the arm from the activity that hurt it in the first place (surfing) and doing physical therapy for it. There were three main do it at home physical therapy excersises that are meant to strengthen the shoulder muscles around the rotator cuff tendon. In theory, when combining these excersices with rest, the muscles around the rotator cuff will strengthen and help carry the weight giving your rotator cuff time to heal.

See A Doctor For Your Shoulder Injury

It is also recommended to see a doctor sooner than later, as a rotator cuff tear that is serious could cause future medical problems if left untreated. The doctor will most likely do a physical examination and ask you to do a 180 degree waving motion with your arm to determine exactly where the pain is and when it starts. I’m assuming this will also help the doctor determine if the injury is severe or minor. If it appears to be a severe injury, then the doctor will most likely request x-rays of the should and even an MRI depending on your level of pain.

Great Video of Doctor Discussing Shoulder Injury

I watched this video and thought, wow, this guy did a great job explaining the injury, how it occurs and exercises that will help a shoulder injury heal without surgery.

Doctors often recommend pain killers for severe pain, anti inflammatories and sometimes even steroid shots into the shoulder area. If your body reacts well to the steroids, perhaps you will get more than one shot.


Health Benefits of Olive Oil

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After being told that feeding my daughter Olive Oil was not healthy, I spent a little time on the Internet checking out my babies momma claims. I was making pasta sauce from scratch and upon seeing me pour olive oil into the pan to heat up the garlic, she told me she wasn’t going to feed our daughter that sauce and she proceded to open up a jar of pre-made pasta sauce from the store. She also opted to cook a different type of pasta because apparently spinach fettuccine wasn’t healthy enough either. I will say that the garlic bread I was making was ridiculously unhealthy, so if she wanted me to start giving Syd healthier stuff, it was a good time to not cook garlic bread.

All this no olive oil nonsense was hard for me to swallow because I grew up on Olive Oil. My mom put olive oil and garlic on everything but our our pancakes! How could it be that olive oil is not good for you?

Well, it turns out she was very wrong. Here is what some of my research uncovered;

The main type of fat found in all kinds of olive oil is monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). MUFAs are actually considered a healthy dietary fat. The MUFA’s in Olive Oil help lower your risk of heart disease. MUFAs may lower your total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels.

Also, A study by Dr. Andrew Hart of the University of East Anglia’s School of Medicine, published in Bloomberg Business Week, suggests that consumption of olive oil may also prevent a form of bowel disease called ulcerative colitis.

Olive Oil

Storage – Keep in in the fridge or in a dark cabinet because Olive Oil is effected by the sun and could possibly loose some of it’s health benefits if it is overexposed.

Cold Pressed and Raw – Make sure the olive oil you buy is cold pressed and raw Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you buy olive oil that doesn’t say cold pressed and raw it may have been extracted using heat methods which could make it less healthy.

Don’t Just Add Olive Oil – Don’t just add olive oil to a dish in hopes of making it healthier. If you are making eggs in the morning and usually pan fry them in butter, adding olive oil does not make them healthier. What makes them healthier is using olive oil in the pan (no butter) and while you are at it, only cook the egg whites too.

The Surf is up – Swimmers ear sucks!

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Yeah, this is going to be a quick rant because I am running late for a meeting. The surf is up and so is my first ever swimmers ear infection! I have battling what I thought was water in my ear for three weeks…but nope, it was swimmers ear. Because I waited sooooo long to go see a doctor, it ends up that my entire ealr canal is completely closed. I am feeding it (my ear) steroids, antibiotics and healthy doses of alcohol (DISCLAIMER: Alcohol is being ingested orally in the form of beer – Do not pour beer in your ear)

Basically, my ear is so swollen on the inside that I can’t hear a thing, low noises make it nearly impossible for me to hear what is going on around me, I feel like i have no peripheral vision because of my loss of hearing and I have migranes off and on all day. All the while, the surf is up with a new South swell that is supposed to peak out this week.

Fuck, it doesn’t matter to me (mr. selfish), cause I am out of the water for two weeks. I think i will take this time to get some new ink permanently injected to my skin.

Muscular Dystrophy – tax write off

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Alrighty…I don’t think I have much of a fan-fare; but both of you, listen up. Summers friend Michael has Muscular Dystrophy and needs to upgrade his old piece of junk van that has beeen breaking down all the time to a brand “almost” new making a difference van…He needs it to drive. WE ALL NEED TO DRIVE…ahhhhhhhh!

Sure, he’ll never be able to step up to the 1976 B100 Dodge Van aka The A-Team van…but he’ll be able to get around town with your help…so love Michael, feel guilty for all the $16 Goose and Sodas you had last weedend at the $500 VIP table…and throw down some loot for a good cause…STEP UP

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Thanks all…enjoy…AND GIVE SOME MONEY!