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US Media is a Joke

What Is American Media Doing?

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Last night, President Obama addressed the nation on how he would like to handle the chemical attacks carried out in Syria on defenseless people. The potential for another war in the oil rich region has me extremely concerned and I would like to stay up to date on what our country is going to do.

This morning, after dropping off my daughter at school I pulled up to read the news and the home page and slider was void of the presidents speach. It didn’t say a thing about the war, Russia and China opposing the attacks our president and France are proposing (England is out) and it still said nothing about “proof of who set off the chemical weapons”, not even that chemical weapons killed hundreds.

Moreover, the news said nothing about the nuclear fallout from the Fukushima catastrophe and the proposed dumping of hundreds of thousands of gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

Worse that all this lack of news is that Yahoo shows what searches are currently trending on their search engine. Check out the top ten searches with my responses inline after the dashes;

  • Jordon Brewster – Who is this?
  • Ann Curry – Celebrity over World War 3?
  • State Trooper Shot – Ok, I get this. Safety at home
  • Duck Dynasty – Really people? I love Duck Dynasty but there is some gnarly stuff going on the world right now.
  • 2 Million Bikers to D.C. – Bikers going to confront Muslims? Interesting but don’t you want to know what the president said last night?
  • Jurassic Park 4 – Sweet, another sequel. Hopefully they don’t put chemical weapons in the movie theaters.
  • Bloodhound Gang – Sigh…..
  • Westboro Baptist – More hate breeding publicity. Forget about these retards. They will go away if you do.
  • Rice Diet – Get skinny before you die of radiation exposure or in World War 3
  • Glacier Park murder – This is National news? Ok.

It’s hard to believe how bad the US Media is these days. It’s almost laughable.

Wolfram Alpha Functionality is Cool

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I think Wolfram Alpha is doing a great job marketing itself. I have definitely seen it around on blogs and news sites. Today I saw it on Cnet. There was a sneak preview of Wolfram Alpha on a video where the host does a bunch of searches and discusses its functionality. I definitely think it is an awesome way to display information. The host mentioned that 75% of his searches did not return good results or they returned nothing at all, but it is a great start on a really cool project. Check out the Cnet video:

Bio Fuel Driven Air New Zealand Flights

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Alternative fuels seem so logical, why haven’t we spent more money pushing this on people? With our oil reserves coming up short and the high oil producing countries treating the united states like their little strawberry, why hasn’t anyone with influence started pushing Bio Fuel yet?

Normal diesel vehicles can run off of hand filtered used fryer oil. Take out the ‘do it your-selfer’ and focus on the fact that these oils are absolutely renewable. Anyway, I am not going to write a term paper on this, do some google searches. I just saw this on cnn: Air New Zealand is starting to power some of their jets with Bio Fuel.

iMovie 2008 and Cappuccino

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I had a bunch of fun working with the new iMovie 2008 over the weekend. It really is super easy to use and can make a corny home video look great. The only thing I don’t love about it compared to iMovie 2007 is that there is no feature that will allow you to slow down or speed up the movie.

Here I am doing a How To video on how to make a cappuccino at home without an expensive machine. Enjoy!


M & M Stupor

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M & M Stupor

I ate way too many M & M’s today. I try not to snack on that shit, but when we have a big bowl of them in the office I loose track of the handfuls I grab on my way by. Today I lost control. I compulsively ate M & M’s until I felt nauseous. Which is exactly how I feel now.

This led me to research the effects of Binge Eating chocolate, or in this case, specifically M & M’s. One of the physical consequences of binge eating chocolates are the major blood sugar swings it puts your body through. These swings lead to more addictive quality cravings, stomach pain, intolerance to heat/cold and headaches. Some of the emotional effects of binge eating chocolates are depression, panic attacks, lack of concentration, hopelessness and anxiety.

So, of course I decided to follow the rabbit hole a little bit deeper. An estimated 5% of Americans are binge eaters. Binge eating occurs on average at least twice a week for 6 month increments of time. Binge eaters eat until they feel uncomfortably full (me with the m&m’s), eat when not hungery (every time I pass the jar), feel disgusted with themselves after eating (shrug) and get depressed and feel guilty when done their “binge episode.” Binge eating leads to obesity. Obesity is now fast approaching tobacco as the top underlying preventable cause of death in the USA.

Eat more Fruit

Conclusion: Eat more Fruit. Now, there is no rabbit hole here, it is more like a heavenly cloud guided by Milarepa floating you upward towards shangri la. Here are some of the benefits of eating fruit: fruit is 100% cholesterol free, fruit stimulates memory, fruit is high in fibers, fruit doesn’t make your tummy hurt, fruit is natural, like the human body fruit is made up of mostly water and if you’re not hungry, you can drink fruit!

I really want an apple. Don’t you?