Muscular Dystrophy – tax write off

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Alrighty…I don’t think I have much of a fan-fare; but both of you, listen up. Summers friend Michael has Muscular Dystrophy and needs to upgrade his old piece of junk van that has beeen breaking down all the time to a brand “almost” new making a difference van…He needs it to drive. WE ALL NEED TO DRIVE…ahhhhhhhh!

Sure, he’ll never be able to step up to the 1976 B100 Dodge Van aka The A-Team van…but he’ll be able to get around town with your help…so love Michael, feel guilty for all the $16 Goose and Sodas you had last weedend at the $500 VIP table…and throw down some loot for a good cause…STEP UP

Read more from Michael himself by clicking on the Donate HERE! button.
Thanks all…enjoy…AND GIVE SOME MONEY!

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