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Hi, my name is Stefan Rest. I work on the web from my home office. In a former life, I had two business partners, 40 employees, higher cholesterol and a weekly dry cleaning bill. That sucked. Now, my home office cockpit is outfitted with Klipsch pre-amped speakers, an iMac, a MacBook Pro, Voice Over IP phone (VOIP), a quasi-useful Hewlett Packard Printer, one big desk, a comfortable chair, 8 surfboards, one stinky dog, 8 chickents and a cat that insists on sleeping on my dirty white keyboard while I work. My girlfriend (Summer Hogan) is either in her office down the hall working on her iMac maintaining/growing her online business or we are out surfing together.

“Deep down in the mess considered my phschy I must be trying to find the answer to a question or resolve a contradiction. Instead this blog popped out.


I was born in Vermont and raised in Southern New Jersey. We live in Rincon Puetro Rico and maintain an office in San Diego California. You can check out our Rincon Puerto Rico house blog by clicking on the link.

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