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The crew of guys playing poker at our home game.

Rincon Poker Pokerstars

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Playing Regular Poker Home Games Beats The Hell Out Of Playing Free Online Poker On The Internet

At one time (before child & the U.S. Government crackdown on online gambling) I used to play online poker all the time. I would have a small window open in the corner of my screen and continue with work as usual and just check out the screen when the buzzer indicated the action was on me.

Since the end of my online poker days, I have been playing a lot of home games with my buddies. I usually play once a week. We start the game at 8:00 and play a tournament style buy-in with 20 blinds. Even if you’re a bad poker player, you could keep up with this game since the blinds start at 25/50 and only go up after 20 minutes of play.

The crew of guys playing poker at our home game.

Don't Mess With These Guys

Our buy-in is $10. For that $10, you get $4,375 in chips. The amount of players dictates how the pot is split up at the end. Our house rule is that the final players don’t need to play to determine winner (heads-up poker) if all players can agree to a percentage split of the pot. If anyone still playing wants to play heads-up to determine the winner, all players must continue until one player is left with all the chips.

This is how we split the pot:

  • 5 Players or Less: Vote before first hand; Winner takes all or 1st/2nd (70/30)
  • 6 to 8 Players: Vote before first hand; Only 1st/2nd/3rd (70/30/$10) or 1st/2nd (70/30)
  • 8 Players +: Vote before first hand; 1st/2nd/3rd (70/30/$10) or 1st/2nd/3rd (60/25/15)

We allow buy-backs for an hour and 30 minutes after our first hand starts. That usually means that when the clock strikes 9:30, you’re in it to win it. We allow each person to buy back one time. When they do buy back, they get $2,500 in chips for $10 or whatever your buy-in was.

Other house rules for our home poker game include;

  • no drinks on the table
  • bring your own beer
  • take turns bringing ice for coolers
  • late penalty of paying big blind for every hand you missed
  • self regulated penalties starting at $25 and doubling for each penalty (ex. betting out of turn, misdeal, using phone etc)

Build A Poker Table And Play A Home Game

poker table with red felt and black rails

The Future Poker Table

If you like poker, I promise you there are plenty of people around you that like it too. Start talking the talk with your friends and get a good home game going. It beats the hell out of going out and paying full price for drinks and beer not to mention the fact that you and your buddies are hanging out, telling some jokes and having fun for 1/10 the cost of going out to the bars.

Our Poker Table is a do it your-selfer (DIY). We simply stapled black boat carpet to an old outdoor table we had. The chairs we use are whatever we can get cheap locally that won’t fall apart. We keep talking about building a new poker table to replace our old one, but we haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet.

iPhone Desktop Home Screen Image Size

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If you are wondering, the image size to create an image to fit your iOS home screen is 640px wide by 940px high. I don’t know why I didn’t think of creating a cool green bubble graphic for my home screen before today, I guess I just didn’t need to change it. But suddenly, I HAD TO CHANGE IT. I don’t know why, but I did. Changing the home screen image was super easy. I simply emailed myself the image, saved it to my iPhone images, clicked into images and set it to home screen. Done.

If you like what I made, use it on your phone. Click on it to see it full size and then right click and ‘save as’.


Facebook Help Center Is A Joke

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If Facebook Help Center Can’t Help An Advertiser, How Are They Going To Help Investors Make Money?

I’ve had quite a few issues with Facebook, but never on a personal level (besides the fact that I think it makes people anti-social), my problems are always dealing with the business side of things. How can Facebook expect to make it as a public company if they don’t support their advertisers?

Facebook Help Center Message

I have spent over $30,000 advertising on Facebook, I have created business pages, I do promotions and I add facebook connect to a bunch of sites. Basically, I am Facebooks’ bread n’ butter client. Sure, I don’t spend millions a year with them, but there are thousands of work at home Webmasters and affiliate marketers that fool around with ad services and would like to take full advantage of Facebooks’ reach of 800 million active users by advertising through them. Well, ultimately, their tracking mechanisms aren’t good, they are missing transparency and their help center is virtually useless.

Here are two examples of problems I have had with Facebook that seem to be easy fixes. Especially for a company worth 100 Billion Dollars;

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #2c4e62;”] 1. [/dropcap]How do I fix a 404 page on Facebook? They have anonomous forms for help, not live people that help business fix glitches in the facebook platform. My experience with this was that one of my clients business pages was working on desktops and laptops, but when the same exact URL was being pulled up on a mobil device (iPhone, Samsung, Android), Facebook was showing a page not found. This client was giving away free NBA playoff tickets for every game and their facebook account grew by thousands of followers after just few newsletters announcing the giveaway. I emailed the help center about this issue four times and still have not received a response.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #2c4e62;”] 2. [/dropcap] How do I change my page name on Facebook? If your business changes its name or its marketing strategy, the only way to keep the facebook page for your business accurate is to delete your page and start all over. Yep, that’s right. Facebook won’t let you change your account name if you have more than 200 likes. Well, if I have more than 200 like I probably spent a lot of time, effort and money getting them, and now facebook wants me to delete the account and start over again? No thanks, I’d rather just pray for your demise.

It’s amusing to me to think that Facebook really perceives themselves as longterm players in this game. Sure, they really blew up on the scene and put MySpace in the dust forcing them to change their entire format, but unless Facebook hires some REALLY smart people to help monetize a shitty advertising platform with no support to help customers spend more money with their company, they are going down by the third round. I know they are capable of hiring smart people, I’m sure they spent millions tricking the world into thinking they were worth their IPO price of $38 per share. Well, big business duping the little ‘guy’ is one of the many reasons I support lawsuits and attorneys leveling the playing field.