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Cancel AT&T Data Plan – Stolen iPad

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While traveling abroad in Costa Rica, I got all my stuff stolen. That in itself is a story that I will tell you in a minute, but if you found this post in a panic trying to figure out how to cancel your AT&T data plan, here is the number I found; 1-800-331-0500. This is the number to call to cancel your iPad data support with AT&T. Because I am out of the United States and I couldn’t sign in to, I used my Skype account to call the toll free number and cancel my plan.

Story of Being Robbed in Costa Rica

This story is going to be short and sweet but I would like to say that we are very aware of the smash and grab type crimes all around Central America. We were very careful with our things, but obviously not careful enough.

We were staying on a property in Mal Pais on the Nicoya peninsula. It was a beautiful property right on the beach that had two casitas (1 room houses w/bathrooms) and s separate casita for a kitchen. On our third night on the property, we gave Sydney a shower/bath and put her to bed in a crib that was in our casita. I left the casita to grab a bowl of ice cream and go back to the room to watch a movie. I walked 20 feet away to the kitchen, scooped some ice-cream and went back to the room. In that 15 minutes, someone snuck into our casita where Sydney was sleeping and used my back back to load up all of my valuables and snuck back into the woods undetected. They stole my iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, Family Passports, Wallet, License, Credit Cards, Cash, Sunglasses etc.

When I walked back into the room, the key to the safe was in it and it was wide open. Much like the last time I got robbed, whoever broke in and stole all of our things, they had inside knowledge as to the layout of the room and they meticulously went from hiding spot to hiding spot to find EVERYTHING of value that we had. It wasn’t a good way to start out our trip, but it is what it is.

Next time we travel, I really need to invest in travel insurance. It’s been so long since I’ve traveled international, that I forgot insurance like this is available and could have saved me five grand.