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Sir Tom Mckillop Web Scam

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These email web scams never get old. I haven’t seen too many of them come through because Gmail is so good at filtering out spam, but this one made it. Wow, we are talking about a lot of money. I am going to call them right away.


I am Sir Tom Mckillop,Group Finance Director (R.B.O.S) I understand that through Internet is not the best way to link up with you because of the confidentiality which the transaction demands. However, I have already sent you this same letter one month ago but I am not sure if it did get to you since I have not heard from you, hence my resending it again.

I discovered a dormant account in my office, as the Group director with Royal Bank of Scotland North West Branch. It will be in my interest to transfer this fund worth £15,000,000 million pounds in an account offshore. If you can be a collaborator to this please indicate interest immediately for us to proceed.

Your contact phone numbers and name will be necessary for this effect.

Call me on +447024026524 or email me back at: [email protected]

Best Regards,

Sir Tom Mckillop
email: [email protected]
phone: +447024026524

Wolfram Alpha Functionality is Cool

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I think Wolfram Alpha is doing a great job marketing itself. I have definitely seen it around on blogs and news sites. Today I saw it on Cnet. There was a sneak preview of Wolfram Alpha on a video where the host does a bunch of searches and discusses its functionality. I definitely think it is an awesome way to display information. The host mentioned that 75% of his searches did not return good results or they returned nothing at all, but it is a great start on a really cool project. Check out the Cnet video:

Marketers in Google Adspace – Back Hair

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I found a great AdWords mess-up this morning while doing some research for one of my projects. This is a classic case of someone not proof reading their Google Adwords. This ad stating the you can Grow Back Hair Fast is obviously targeting the right market (my search was for Hair Loss Surgery) but isn’t quite hitting the mark. Who wants to grow back hair? Certainly not me. I recommend having someone proof read your ad’s before they go live. At worst, walk away from your computer for a couple of hours and go back and have another look at them. Sometimes the break away from the monotonous environment of your computer workstation will do you a world of good and you’ll find mistakes like this one before they go live and you spend your money on them.

strange call to action on google adwords

I think it is awesome, Google that is. They have opened up a new economy to the entire world. If you are willing to put in the time to learn about the web, you can turn your back (hair) to day jobs that involve putting on business clothes, commuting to work, dealing with some old asshole’s attitude just because he has been in the business world long enough to know everybody. No more cubicle and no more standard bi-weekly paychecks. On a more negative note, no more wasting time at the water cooler with the hot chick, now that you work for yourself, time is a precious money making commodity.

The best and worst part about this is that all the high dollar big wigs and all these large corporations don’t even know we exist. They don’t even have the slightest understanding of the true potential behind the super economy highway. The Internet, yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

Lots of Time to Draw Skulls in Prison

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A friend of mine turned a very horrible situation into a lifetime learning experience. A time that will change him forever. He sent me a letter from prison. With nothing but time on his hands, he drew on the envelopes he was sending out to friends and family. My envelope came with a pile of skulls on it. Check it out:

I guess now would be a good a time as any to go on a rant about how broken and fucked up our civil justice system is. Both sides of it. The court systems are run by District Attorneys with unlimited power, use of all government authoritative positions as witnesses and over zealous Assistant DA’s willing to convict anyone once the state is committed to prosecuting regardless of the accused guilt. If it weren’t for all of the advancements in science to disprove the one track minded charismatic District Attorneys thousands of people would still be in prison and on death row. A three letter word that is more valuable than S-E-X to someone wrongly convicted. That word is D-N-A.

The other side of the US justice system that is all screwed up is the ‘rehabilitation’ part of it. Come on, do you really think long term prison sentences are going to help first time offenders? Prisons themselves are a whole new society to first time offenders with a learning curve that doesn’t allow mistakes. Race segregation, new rules on who is charge, new ways instill prison justice on inmates and guards and wardens that know exactly what is going on, but choose to turn their backs to it rather than fight to correct prison life. To most, prisoners deserve whatever punishment they receive in prison because they are there, but if someone is wrongly convicted, everyday is a new hell. It’s not just about being physically or sexually abused, it’s also about being the one that needs to assault other prisoners because your new boss told you to. And I’m not referring to a guard or warden, I am referring to the leaders of each race in each cell block. Races need to keep their race in check. If an inmate is told by his cell blcok leader to assault someone, he/she needs to do it for fear of starting a race riot if the Wood doesn’t take care of the other Wood that is not following the prisoner rules. Kill or be killed. Put him in check, or we’ll put you in check.

This country needs quality affordable criminal defense for the accused. This country needs to hold state prosecutors personally accountable for people they wrongly convict. If DNA exonerates someone, the DA that prosecuted that person should go on trial to prove their innocence in wrongly convicting that person. We need accountability in our government, not a boys club of judges and district attorneys rubbing elbows to better their careers at the expense of innocent people.