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Cordless Headset for Phone, Bluetooth and Computer

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It is the nature of my job. I speak to people about the work I do for them and then I sit in front of my computer and do the work…not necessarily in that order. If you read the About Stefan Rest page, then you know I cozy up to my desk, surround sound stereo and get work done.

I have always been an electronics guy and like to have nice stuff, even when it’s nicer than what I need. Having rad electronics helps me stay motivated and makes work seem easier. Yeah, I could probably save money every year by getting by with an older computer, smaller screen or shitty speakers…but I work a lot…and that’s just no fun.

Today, I finally upgraded my home office phone system. I have been looking at expensive VOIP phone systems all over the web and also looking at plantronics headsets because I do a lot of work in front of my computer while on the phone. As far as sales guys go, I don’t really recommend a headset because you will remain less animated and that will be projected in your voice inflection. If you are the sort of sales person that paces around and talks with his hands, you can get away with a headset. For the rest of you phone jockeys, speak into the microphone on your handset and be who you want to be.

I decided to buy the Plantronics Calisto Pro Series home office phone system because it is the entire package all in one. It is a phone and a headset which means there are no worries on whether or not it will be compatible with your current phone system. It doesn’t have any type of answering system, but my VOIP service with Vonage provides voice mail for me and eventually, when Google Voice is open to the public, I will centralize all of my numbers and voice mails to one location.

Check out the features of the Calisto Pro Series hands-free home office phone:

Stay connected, wherever you work, with the Calisto Pro Series hands-free home office phone system. Its integrated multi-function Bluetooth headset offers professional sound for your home office as you remotely answer landline, VoIP and even mobile calls. Combined with a compact cordless/VoIP phone offering a built-in speakerphone, interference-free DECT 6.0 technology, and ability to download Outlook contact numbers, you’ve got powerful communication options like never before.

I had to spend an extra $30 in shipping to have it sent down to the office in Puerto Rico, but considering the access we have to quality supplies and equipment down here, that is a small price to pay. I’ll do a customer review on the Calisto Pro as soon as I receive it and plug it in.

Typical Propaganda after a Murderous Rampage in Germany

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Any and every excuse to sling propaganda. The press reported more about the kid in Germany that killed 12 students and then 2 more people in a shootout with police at a Volkswagon dealer before killing himself. The press said two things that annoy me:

  • A teenage gunman who killed himself and 15 people on Wednesday in a rampage that began at his former school had apparently signaled his plans on an Internet chat room hours before embarking on the murderous spree, German officials said Thursday, as a portrait of a troubled and depressed youth began to emerge.

  • Mr. Rech said Mr. Kretschmer had been treated for depression but had broken off his therapy. The Stuttgart chief prosecutor, Siegfried Mahler, said Mr. Kretschmer’s personal computer contained pornographic images. The teenager had also spent time playing violent computer games.

Regarding the first quote. He revealed his intentions in an Internet chat room. OOOOOOOh, he talked about it in a chat room. People talk about crazy stuff all the time, even in chat rooms. If you hunted down every single person that acted weird, crazy, suicidal or violent in public or on the Internet, 89% of the world would be arrested. Come on now people, the world is crazy, people are crazy, you’re crazy. There was no way to stop this kid ahead of time and saying that if our civil liberties were violated by the government tracking our Internet usage is pure propaganda. Fuck that. Better parenting will prevent murderous rampages from happening, not invasion of our privacy.

I don’t have much to say about the second paragraph than this. Every single kid out there that is 12 years old with a computer has seen a naked girl on it (porn) and every kid has blown some shit sky high playing Halo. The way the article above is written, it is setting you up for the governments final blow on your civil liberties. I can hear it now: You support the murder of young women, like in Germany, if you don’t vote to make violent video games and pornography illegal.

Spring Break in Mexico, Decapitations and Coolers

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If you listen to everyone in the news and all the worry warts, the United States is in a recession…hell, the world is in a recession. Down here in Puerto Rico, all the local Inn’s and Hotels are complaining about a slow down in business but most of them are still doing well. I wonder if Rincon Puerto Rico is going to get more of the college spring break crowd with the lack of desire to go to Mexico…for fear of your life.

There have been more murders in Mexico in the past 18 months than in the Iraq war. That’s a lot of death. It makes me think that the drug cartels are really gaining power down there as the government looses power along with the rest of the world because of the recession. Recently, a retired army general hired to put together an elite squad of drug agents was kidnapped from the strip in Cancun and murdered. Analysts say that Cancun is less susceptible to the drug wars because it is a peninsula with only one way in and out allowing for the police and military to intercept any trouble makers. That is the reason they say that it is safe for spring breakers to go to Cancun Mexico, because it would be too hard for drug cartel hit men to get away after they kill someone or fill Senor Frogs up with a spray of bullets from one of their automatic weapons.

Just yesterday, five human heads were found in coolers in the Mexico state of Jalisco. The coolers all had messages etched into the outside with sayings like; “Like these, I’m going to finish you all” and “Here we go idiot”. Man, when did decapitations become so popular?

The US has issued a travel advisory on Mexico but mostly in the border towns like Tijuana. Tijuana has never been safe, but at least you only had to deal with corrupt cops and not kidnapping drug cartels.

My call, let Mexico work out their problems without US tourist money. Don’t be a hero, Mexico isn’t worth loosing your head.