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Bio Fuel Driven Air New Zealand Flights

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Alternative fuels seem so logical, why haven’t we spent more money pushing this on people? With our oil reserves coming up short and the high oil producing countries treating the united states like their little strawberry, why hasn’t anyone with influence started pushing Bio Fuel yet?

Normal diesel vehicles can run off of hand filtered used fryer oil. Take out the ‘do it your-selfer’ and focus on the fact that these oils are absolutely renewable. Anyway, I am not going to write a term paper on this, do some google searches. I just saw this on cnn: Air New Zealand is starting to power some of their jets with Bio Fuel.

WordPress Upgrade Plugin

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I have to admit, I was skeptical of the WordPress Upgrade Plugin. Upgrading WordPress is a constant because there are always more secure versions being released and because it is an Open Source project, people are always contributing to its development. Upgrading your WordPress blog shouldn’t be difficult because blogging is for EVERYONE on the web, not just programmers right? Wrong.

Upgrading WordPress calls for some webmaster knowledge, it’s not just for anybody. If you don’t agree with me, it’s because you probably already have webmaster knowledge. I know that I couldn’t just call a client and tell them they need to upgrade their blog.

Normally, you need to go to and download the newest version. Then, you need to go to your cPanel and back-up your database. The next step is to open an FTP client that has access to your server. Next, you line up your new WordPress files on your ‘computer’ side of the the FTP and pick and choose which files you need to overwrite on your live WordPress blog (don’t overwrite wp-content or your wp-config files/folders). This is always a little sketchy because there is a possibility of human error (high possibility for me).

The new version of WordPress (2.7) looks great! It has a new admin back end with a different layout (more like a gmail user account) and has many ajax powered extras and probably some more security fixes. Here in lies the problem…I don’t want to mess anything up, but I want to upgrade.

After a few searches and a discussion with Summer, I decided to try the WordPress Upgrade Plugin on one of my testing sites to see how it worked. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was. The Plugin backs-up all of your files and your database, goes to and downloads the newest version of WordPress, it disables all of your current Plugins, upgrades the correct files and then reactivates all of your Plugins.

After upgrading the test site, I went and upgraded all of my WordPress blogs using this SUPER EASY to use WordPress Upgrade Plugin. I really can’t say enough good things about it. I hope the guys over at WordPress decide to integrate this into their next build…it will save thousands of people a lot of trouble and headaches.

WordPress Upgrade Plugin UPDATE!

2/27/09: The new versions of WordPress, 2.7 and higher, are coming with an automatic upgrade built into the core. The problem is, it won’t work if you have your Automatic Plugin activated. Therefore, deactivate the plugin that you downloaded and use the new one that came with the core.

This is the error I got when I tried to update with the plugin in activated:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction() (previously declared in /home/dialecti/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-automatic-upgrade/lib/pclzip.lib.php:5421) in /home/dialecti/public_html/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php on line 5498

Interesting Political Spin Era

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This year, 2008 and the upcoming year, 2009 are going to be very interesting political years. The press and news agencies of the world are going to have a field day spinning public opinion.

I know, if you are anything like the way I used to be, you are about to navigate away from this page. Who cares about politics? That’s someone else’s world. I have not been interested in politics for very long. But now I am, and I am impressed by the way the press manipulates public opinion with every little bit of news (It sure seems like the news is overplaying the hell out of the economy thing, forcing us further into the red because the public is scared).

One Gullible Citizen Interviewed for this article:“If I see it on the Television, it has to be true! Heck, I saw it on a big news network!”

I am always online for work, check out the news headlines I just read: In Hard Times, Russia Moves In to Reclaim Private Industries

This really is an interesting spin. The press is writing an article regarding the Kremlins move to undermine private industries that are in financial trouble and gaining more control over the multi-billion dollar mining and oil industries. Their spin on the situation is bad. Russia is bad.

Here’s the thing. The fully Democratic government here in the states is taking control over major financial institutions because of the mortgage induced credit crisis. The government will be in control. Also, the Detroit crunch with the possible bankruptcy of GM, Ford and Chrysler is going to give the state more control over more of our private industries. Our government has been hiring all of the smartest minds from the private industries to gather together and figure out how to help certain industries with their cash injections and their stronger control over the industry. I am not opposed to all the work going into bailing out the economy or opposed to the government having greater control over certain industries. I’m just saying the press is spinning every event in favor of the way the United States is handling the situation as positive and the press spinning negative propaganda towards Russia on similar issues. The worst is the press hinting at a new cold war with Russia because of their slide back to Communism. WTF people.

Our government is getting a lot of irons in the private industry fires as well. The press is spinning, spinning, SPINNING! Let’s see them get their iron in the private health care that would be real real nice.

Methadone Hydrochloride Injection Shortage!

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On December 3rd, the US FDA issued a national warning that there was a supply shortage on Methadone Hydrochloride Injections. Apparently, the company that makes the heroin replacement drug didn’t quite anticipate the economy taking a shit and all the x-users really needing a hit.

It’s crazy that the federal government spends time warning consumers of a shortfall of such a powerful drug that is used recreationally all over the states.

Clinics rest easy, the natives won’t be restless for much longer.