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Man Bowls Perfect 300 then Dies of a Heart Attack

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This is a sad story, but if you’re gonna go, you might as well leave this world doing what you love! For me, it’s surfing, for a 62 year old man near Grand Rapids Michigan, it was bowling. He was a member of the same bowling league for more than 25 years. On this night, he bowled 12 strikes in a row to bowl a perfect 300! He then turned around, started shaking hands of his team mates and then collapsed.

RAVENNA, Mich. (WZZM) – Teammates in his bowling league think after rolling a perfect 300 game Don Doane’s heart just gave out.

“You get nervous shooting a 300,” says teammate Todd Place. “The pressure keeps building,” says bowling alley owner Jim Nutt.

Minutes after achieving the life long goal of a perfect game the 62 year old bowler collapsed and died at Ravenna Bowl in Ravenna. “Don just collapsed,” says alley owner Nutt. ” At first we thought he just fainted.” “Then when I rolled him over I realized it wasn’t good,” says teammate Place.


Paying Your Electric Bill is Important

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I never open my mail unless it’s from the IRS or a friend. All of my billing comes to me via email and my online banking service at Banco Popular. Today, Summer is trying to teach me how to pile less and file more by opening all of my mail with me and filing it appropriately.

We opened a bill from the Electric company that is past due from last November. What? Are you kidding me? So, I called and investigated what it was all about and apparently all of the online payments I was making to keep current we applying to past due balances instead of the current bill. So, over the past 12 months I accrued about $500 in unpaid electricity at the house. I really hate getting sprung with suprise bills, especially when they are for so much.

I will say though, this is all my fault. I wish the billing department would send me a total amount due at the bank so I could have at least known what was going on 6 months ago and made the payment then. Oh, well, live and learn. (minus $500 from this months budget).

The Stock Market Shuffle

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I know life is risky these days. All these giant corporations that have been cheating the little guys are getting bailed out by the government while honest home owners are still going down the forecloser tube AND the stock market is going crazy.

Scared money doesn’t work.

The press is sensationalizing the hell out of everything…yet, Warren Buffet is saying NOW is the time to invest in the stock market. Invest carefully and only with money you can afford to loose…but there is definitely some money to be made out there.

2008 stock market shuffle

If you invest $100 in Wachovia two weeks ago you would have $600 in hand right now. If you invest $5,000 in Wachovia, you would have $30,000 in your pocket.

Avoiding Baja Surf Trips

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I am San Diego for a couple of weeks hanging with Summer while she helps the crew at her warehouse bust out all of the halloween costume orders she gets hit with starting every September.

When we lived here, the Donkey Patrol Crew would head down to Mexico regularly to avoid the crowded San Diego line ups. It was always a little sketchy, but never worth avoiding the fun weekend trips. Maybe, we would have to pay a cop off $80-$100 to let us out of a bogus speeding ticket or have to deal with some super drunk local guys scoping out your stuff to steal once you left for dinner or fell fast asleep.

These days, things are different. Surfers are being held up at gun point by bandits, robbed by police and the drug cartel killings are getting out of control.

Nowhere is the trauma greater than along the border with the United States, where drug cartels are battling one another for a growing domestic market and the lucrative transit routes north. In Tijuana alone, a wave of gangland killings has left at least 99 people dead since Sept. 26, a death toll that rivals, if not exceeds, that in Baghdad, a war-torn city that is four times as large, over the same period.

Across Mexico, the carnage is impossible to hide, with severed heads and decapitated bodies turning up, sometimes nearly a dozen at a time. There have been more than 3,700 killings related to drugs and organized crime this year, up from about 2,700 last year, the Mexican attorney general’s office said early last week, with Chihuahua the most violent state and the killings continuing in the days since.
Source is NY Times

I am going to avoid Mexico on this trip. I am sure that it isn’t nearly as bad further south in baja or even on the mainland, but avoiding Mexico’s border towns is probably a wise move for a traveler.

Sailing in San Diego

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Summer and I went out sailing with Ricky and Lindsey yesterday in the San Diego harbor. It was an awesome day.

We shoved off from their dock around 12:00pm and sailed down to the Coronado bridge with the wind. We then tacked all the way back up to the harbor for about 3 hours. It was a wonderfully relaxing Sunday…I am still rocking. :-)

san diego skyline from the water