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Home Theater Wireless Keyboard and Built in Mouse

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As long as I am talking about spending money on electronics or technology around the house, we should talk about how I am going to control it. That’s simple, with a wireless keyboard and mouse!

I did a bunch of research around the web and at friends homes that have the Internet and a computer hooked up to their large flat panel televisions and I noticed something. It sure does suck to be sitting on the couch relaxing with the keyboard on your lap and then have to re-adjust to grab the mouse and then put the mouse on something to get it to work and then put the keyboard back onto your lap just to browse to a new search engine or make a comment on FaceBook or Youtube.

Here is the solution, a wireless keyboard that has a mouse pad built into the keyboard unit. This thing is epic. Not only does it allow you to do all your Internet shizzy in one spot, it also can be stored in a recharging cradle. The charge lasts up to 30 days and it has a range of up to thirty (30) feet when connected using an Apple’s bluetooth dilly.

wireless keyboard with a built in mouse and track pad

WP Polls Plugin for WordPress – Spammy

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I just downloaded a WordPress plugin from their plugin directory to install an ajax based poll on my site. I wanted to ask people what I should do about my MacBook pro decision and decided a poll is a good way to get some user interaction and possibly some user contributed content.

The WordPress plugin I downloaded is called Wp Polls. I downloaded it, uploaded it to my plugins directory and activated it and the widget that it automatically downloaded too. I typed up a poll by stating a question and gave 5 possible answers from realistic to ridiculous. The poll looked good on the site and matched the css style sheets I have with my theme and was quite proud at how quickly I found it, installed it, activated it and then used it in a post. The problem came when I clicked on the view results after I voted. The page stretched out and showed a little progress wheel that never quite caught up to show the results of the poll. I was a little suspicious so I rolled my mouse around and I found a hidden link to a Yahoo Personals Advertisement. I am assuming it was some sort of affiliate link or a pay per lead link. Either way, it pissed me off that someone is spamming the plugin directory of WordPress and getting away with it.

Don’t download WP Polls unless you want to have hidden links that link to affiliate sites that you won’t make any money from. WP Polls is spammy.

Word Press Plugin WP Polls has spam links hidden above the loading icon

MacBook Pro without the letter A

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It isn’t easy typing on a keyboard without the letter “A”. A is used in a lot of words and I consider it a relatively important vowel in the big picture of the alphabet.

I really only have good things to say about Apple products. They are much more intuitive than any PC running out there, they are reliable, virtually virus resistant and they plug in play with almost everything. Lately though, I have had a few problems with my Mac’s. A couple months back, I was in California with Summer and the hard drive crashed on my MacBook Pro…I wasn’t smart enough to back everything up so I lost a few important files…like the before pictures I took of our new house in Rincon Puerto Rico. Then, the new operating system installed on it wasn’t working properly with my wireless system (Apple Airport) at the house. After spending some time on Apple Phone support, they told me I could buy a 3 month support contract for $50. I decided not to buy the contract, turned off the computer and the next time I turned it on I didn’t have any problems. The most recent issue with Apple is the fact the letter “A” on my keyboard stopped working. It wasn’t sticky, nothing was spilled on it, it just stopped working.

This could be an excuse to be financially irresponsible. Maybe I should turn the MacBook Pro into the computer that we use with our TV for movies and streaming videos and I can buy the new Air laptop.

Behold, the MacBook Air
2008 MacBook Air

Tickets Booked – Florida – California

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After a full day of checking fare and going back and forth with Spirit Airlines customer service I finally booked my flight back to California to be with Summer.

My itinerary takes me through Tampa Bay Florida out of Aguadilla Puerto Rico on Spirit Airlines. I fly into Tampa on Saturday morning at 8:00am (I leave PR at 2:30am) and Conner is going to pick me up at the airport. The one way flight was $85 plus tax. Each checked bag costs $15 and if you want to choose a seat online that will cost you another $5-$15 or you can let them auto-assign you a seat at the gate. I am then going to help he and Dianne move to their new house. I am really stoked to go hang out with those guys, I haven’t seen Van (aside from pictures on their blog) in almost a year. After we move on Saturday, we are either going to go golfing on Sunday or go hang out with Dianne’s dad and go spear fishing or hang on his boat.

I fly to California on Monday and arrive in San Diego at 9:30pm via US Air. The flight cost me $115 after taxes and I could choose my seats for free. I’m not sure what the baggage allowance is on US Air, but I should only be traveling with one bag. I arrive in San Diego well after Summers multiple visits the post office shipping Halloween Costumes are over with and hopefully she won’t be too slammed with next day orders so we can hang out and have some proper together time. September 12 was the last day I saw her (over 2 weeks ago and not for another two weeks).


Stuck With Spirit Air

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Spirit Airlines AircraftAfter Spirit Air screwed up the flights I booked for Summer and I in June and refused to give me a refund, I was stuck with a credit of almost $700. I am heading to California for a couple weeks to hang out with Summer and decided to try to use some of that credit. I am flying from Aguadilla to Tampa to hang out with Conner, Dianne and Van on Saturday and Sunday and then I am off to San Diego.

Here is the issue worth blogging about. The My Account section in Spirits website doesn’t show my credits so I had to call. They must use a call center out of the US where English is the operators second language because I could not understand the operator. What I did make out was that the flight that was $85 on the website was going to be $120 via phone. I told him that I had credit and that I wanted the $85 fare. He just kept ignoring and repeating the same question:

You like me to book $125, yes?

I would say no, I want to use my credit and get the online price.

You like me to book $125, yes?

NO! For fucks sake! I want to talk to your supervisor. I eventually got to the supervisor after not being informed that he would get him. The line just went silent for over ten minutes. Luckily, I am watching the Quiksilver Pro live online and Kelly Slaters’ quarter final heat was on. Eventually, the supervisor converted my Voucher numbers into an online voucher number to insert in place of the credit card during the payment process in the My Acouunt area.

I am so annoyed with Spirit Airlines.