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iMovie 2008 and Cappuccino

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I had a bunch of fun working with the new iMovie 2008 over the weekend. It really is super easy to use and can make a corny home video look great. The only thing I don’t love about it compared to iMovie 2007 is that there is no feature that will allow you to slow down or speed up the movie.

Here I am doing a How To video on how to make a cappuccino at home without an expensive machine. Enjoy!

Spirit Airlines Customer Service

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I am not going to rant about this. Wait, maybe I will. Yep, definitely. Spirit Airlines has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Maybe, I should call it customer relations because the operator was nice enough, but all of their communication is a total joke.

I used my American Express card to book a flight from Aguadilla to Atlantic City about two months ago. I booked online, chose my itinerary and pulled the trigger on my flight. After about a month, I received multiple emails from them telling my my Itinerary was changed (they were sending me to Detroit), but when I went to call the Spirit Airlines Telephone Number I was disconnected every time I “hit 1 for English” after I was prompted to select my language. After a few days of trying, I eventually got through to them and had them straighten out my itinerary. At the end of the conversation with them, I was asked to agree with all the changes and say out loud that if I were going to make any other changes I would be charged. I agreed with the changes they made to fix my itinerary to the one I booked online. Aguadilla to Atlantic City.

Yesterday, I got an email from them (24 hours before my flight) with my itinerary which was WRONG AGAIN!!!. I spent over an hour trying to call their telephone number and again was disconnected every time I hit “1” for English (I didn’t have days to call and call and call like the last time). I finally pressed “2” for Spanish and was almost instantly connected to an operator. I was so pissed at that point the only thing I could do was be overly nice. It is my way of coping with anger sometimes.

I told them the flight was wrong again, and I was told after the operator spoke with his supervisor that I confirmed the last flight change (the one they screwed up) and that if I wanted to change this flight, I would have to pay for it. I was livid. I told the operator that I paid online with my credit card and chose the right destinations, departure dates and return dates and that it was their system that screwed up and I shouldn’t have to pay to fix their mistake. After a brief stint on hold, I was told again that their records showed that I agreed to the change last month and that I would be charged for any additional changes. I told the operator to tell his supervisor that I would be contesting the charge on my American Express card if they didn’t either give me a full refund or a credit for the flight. It was their mistake and I refused to pay for it.

Well, threatening them with the charge back worked, and I now have a credit with Spirit Airlines. I think Spigot Airlines has a nice ring to it. I think I am going to swear this company off. I constantly get junk mail from them, they have affiliate advertising all over their site, they make it impossible to speak with an operator, they charge for every bag you bring (not included in ticket price) and I think they smell like poop. Fuck Spirit Airlines.

(Really, that is how I feel)

Spirit Airlines Contact Number

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I am so annoyed with Spirit Airlines. I purchased tickets to fly from Aguadilla Puerto Rico to Atlantic City New Jersey about two months ago. Since then, I have received numerous emails explaining to me that my flight plans have changed. In one of the emails, it says that we are being re-routed through Detroit! Are you kidding me?

That isn’t the worst part. I can handle a little bit of a change, and if I don’t like it, I would call and change my ticket right? WRONG! Spirit Airlines makes it nearly impossible to find their telephone number on their website. I am not going to post the URL here because I DO NOT want to provide them with any inbound links, but I challenge you; go to their website and try to find their telephone number. The bad part about that is that I think they are hiding there number to save money. I can hear the excec’s now; “If we don’t put a contact number on the website, people will be forced to use the online form and we’ll save money on operators!”

Once I finally found the telephone number, it didn’t work properly! I was prompted for an English / Spanish speaking operator, and as soon I hit the corresponding number, I would get a super fast busy signal. I called back a few times to see if it was just a glitch, I even called back and didn’t hit any buttons (impersonating a rotary phone) but I was unsuccessful in my attempt to speak to a Spirit Airlines representative.

If you got here looking for Spirit Airlines customer service telephone numbers, here is how they are listed on their website once you finally find them. If you are in a hurry, it can be really aggravating trying to find their contact numbers.

English: 800-772-7117
Espanol: 800-756-7117
Customers calling from Costa Rica: 0-800-011-1103

If you don’t feel like talking to operators in a call center in India that are trained to say the same thing over and over and never listen to you, call the US base executive office.
US Spirit Airlines Headquarters Numbers: