Monthly Archives: May 2007

Father, it has been 2 weeks since my last confession

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I am watching my stats plummet…which is par for course when you stop writting interesting stuff…or, just plain old stop posting.

I have been actively posting on California 2 Puerto Rico but haven’t had too much going on to talk about here.

We are chest deep in Summers trial…I sold the van and Nissan. Monkey is going into heat again and she and kuta were reunited again today. It’s going to be good to have Kuters around…he’s such a good boy (reqardless of his attention whore attitude). Apparenlty, Monkey is going to have to get used to NOT being the only child again.

I got into it with my pyscho neighbor again yesterday about parking spots, trash removal and respect issue’s. He swings a hammer for a living, I SEM and work on the phone from Puerto Rico and California. Jealous much! I smoothed it out and, but I think he isn’t looking for a friendship…just a neighbor he would like to ignore at all costs.

Waiting for Summer

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Summer and her dad fly in to Puerto Rico tonight. I am stoked to see her…we were so busy before I left I feel like we haven’t hung out together in weeks. Realistically, we probably haven’t spent more than a full day or two together in the last month.

So, her flight arrives at 3:30am in Aguadilla on Jet Blue. I started playing poker around 7am with 14 people and made it down to the last 3. I went all in on Pocket Jacks and the other guy hit a 3rd 5 on the river. So, with that said, it is 11:37pm and I have to leave here in 2.5 hours to pick them up.

So, I only tell you all this because I think it is just meant to be. lol.

I just got some spam in my inbox and it reads;

I hope this message finds you all well and getting ready for Summer!