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I am the Project Guy

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I have been working mad hours lately trying to hit the deadlines for the launch of my new Elective Health Care consortium and I haven’t had time to post many blog entries.

Here’s a sneak preview:

r4md screenshot
Taking care of all of the logistical stuff of taking over the business like credit card process (both American Express and Visa Mastercard), setting up the PO Box, Toll Free Numbers (VoIP), Toll Free Fax (Web Based), Client Relationship Management Software, Accounting Software, New Bank Accounts, Secretary of State Filings for California, signature authority at the current bank, tax paperwork, absorbing accountant fee’s and advice and communicating and producing for my current clients via SEO, New Site Development and Lead Generation has been unbelievably time consuming!

Work alone isn’t keeping me busy though; I am also trying to work out my mortgage on the Puerto Rico House (is has been in escrow for 8 months)and that has been most stressful. More so than work, cause I am good at work and enjoy it and it is in my control. Now, dealing with banks in Puerto Rico has been completely different than the above; no control, very little communication and mad money going to appraisers, title companies, hazard insurance companies and fuckin mortgage brokers fee’s on top of the too high of an interest rate we are going to be paying. Also, to get approved for this loan, we are going to have to plop down over 24 percent of the homes value out of the gate. Hmmm…if you didn’t follow the above link to the dream house, I’ll tell you here to save you the trouble; the house is under construction. It is only roughed in, meaning it looks done from the outside, all of the framing is done and all of the electrical and plumbing is complete…it just needs finishing work like appliances, bathrooms, floors, drywall, lighting. Perfect because we can customize it, but that is more money flowin’ out the pockets after dropping 25 percent at the gate.

So, thinking of all this (which I do all the I complete a task I push it out of my conscious) last night made me realize that I am the project guy. Let’s review;

  • I sold my ownership in a company with thirty something people on payroll and now run the company that I completely own solo with some key 1099’s and some great web based business applications that allow me to work from anywhere in the world with Internet access
  • I am buying a house in Puerto Rico that is still under construction and will be finishing the construction myself with Summers dad and a couple of 1099 manual laborers

Ok, so that is only two projects, but they are both huge in scope and I will be working on the simultaneously. And much like Howard Roark I refuse to compromise my personal vision and professional integrity to make any of this easier on myself. Instead, I hereby deem myself The Project Guy. Catch me if you can fuckers, and if you do, in the words of Chris Tucker…I don’t give a fuck! And you know why? Because I am the project guy.

Small Print: When the author refers to “Fuckers” he means it in an endearing way, not in a gang fight “pop a cap in your ass” kinda way.

Another New Beginning

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I am excited to announce to everybody that I have started another new beginning! I closed on a deal that I have been working on for a long time and am now the owner of Wise Medical Group, an online marketing firm that does online marketing for fee for service physicians.

I will be applying all of my Search Engine Optimization knowledge and Customer Service experience to my current clients and will be broadening the horizons of the firm to market not only for Cosmetic Surgeons and Cosmetic Dentists but also to Bariatric Surgeons, Facial Plastic Cosmetic Surgeons and to Hair Loss Specialists.

I will keep you updated on my progress and the success of Wise Medical and Health.

Letters from Ethiopia

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My sister, her husband and their three kids have been living in Ethiopia for the past two years, and will be there another three or four. Every once in a while they send a wonderful letter to the entire family filling us in on all of their adventures. She is a wonderful mom, storyteller and is very smart. I hope you enjoy her stories as much as the rest of us.

Hi everyone!!
I hope this finds everyone well!

I keep hearing that it’s cold and snowy at your end of things (minus Stefan, unless he’s snowboarding somewhere that I don’t know of). It’s super warm here–it’s like August in the US just no humidity. This really makes it much nicer, but we’re still hot. We’re having someone put in ceiling fans today, to help keep things cool. In another six weeks or so the rains will start, the dust will go down, and we will tart to cool off again.

Easter has just passed and usually we have much more time to sit and think on the meaning for us–although we do think about it all year in many senses. We had fun dying eggs on Saturday, about 66 total, and have been eating them and hiding them every since. The kids told us the Easter story this year–I think they remembered more details than I did. Some friends sent some Easter candy and plastic eggs, which have been fun, as the dog doesn’t generally eat the plastic eggs, and we enjoy the candy. I had no idea that Sweet Tart made sweet tart jelly beans. Very cool. We bought a couple of chocolate bunnies at the Sheraton in Addis for the kids, since we had no time to make homemade eggs this year. I’m still hoping to make some this week.

We arrived home last Friday (just two days before Easter) after a long ride with a friend of ours. While on vacation, our car broke down, and though it was quite an adventure, to say the least, we really had a great time. It was good to get home though too. Vacation here is an adventure–we needed to go home to rest :0)

We went to Bali (Balle) Mtn. National Park with the other Groces for a week, with an expectation to do other vacation stops along the way. We went go carting with the kids, bought some terrific Italian ice cream in Addis, went swimming at the Hilton (hot springs pool) and did typical stuff that means vacation and isn’t found in Bahir Dar. We headed to Balle and were on some seriously 4 wheel drive roads, many of which are being surveyed for paving by the Chinese (who are helping create a lot of rd. infrastructure here). I will go back again to that beautiful place, but not until the rd.s are done. It was a long slow drive for how many kms we covered. Anyway, the park was spectacular, with bushbuck, nyala, warthogs EVERYWHERE and there funny little tales sticking straight up when they run. There were all sorts of amazing animals and birds, including the Simien Wolf which is endemic to Ethiopia, even taking a video clip of one eating a molerat. The kids thought that was amazing. We saw beautiful tropical butterflies with fluorescent blue wings, forests full of fuzzy ferns, heather the size of trees and giant lobelia. Apparently there were leopards there too but we didn’t see any. Marea and Joshua collected hundreds of millipedes (some of which ended up in the wash and clogged the outtake drain). There were calla lilies and amaryllis that grow all over the place. On the way out of the park we broke the right front tire bearing next to the axle, and the car drove over our own wheel until the frame was sitting on it. When you are out of cell coverage with no one local speaking Amharic even, it was a bit of a quandary to figure out what was next. In the end, we were taken (family and supplies) by a truck driver (wow the shocks on those trucks were nice, despite being squished into a cab–the six of us) back to our hotel in the main town. After the fact, we found out that we were really blessed by God to be right where we got stuck. The road below us had hail and pouring rain for and hour plus, and the road above us was tight switchbacks, and dense clouds at 14,000 ft. It would have been miserable below, or miserable above in the freezing cold at night, but we were stuck on an uphill road, with lots of incredible hospitable locals in the midst of beautiful thatched huts and ferns and trees. They made a fire, brought tea. . .I’m always humbled by the way people connect and reach out to strangers here. We were well taken care of.

We did get our new stove fixed in Addis which means we can bake again, and now that fasting season is over for the Orthodox, we are enjoying dairy and meat too. I had some friends pass of some hi altitude recipes and I’m hoping that baking is a possibility again.

The kids are doing reasonably well with school but are behind with out being gone. We are really trying to encourage Joshua in reading. If anyone wants to send books, that seems to really help to have special books around. Marea is struggling in math still, but we are doing applied math by doing a survey, blueprints, and measurements (and lots of brainstorming for our mango trees) for a future treehouse. They even have a wooden/rope bridge planned between trees. This has been really fun for the kids and Les. Hannes is doing sweet things, like, kissing our picture, and exhausting us by not getting back on schedule since the trip and getting up at 4 am. THIS WILL CHANGE or we won’t make it through the day!!

Anyway, we are well and glad to be home. I have a cold, and we’re just trying to get ourselves organized again. There’s a homeschool conference in a month with other omeschoolers and we are looking forward to meeting other kids and families doing the same thing here. It does mean more upheaval to the schedule again.

Fill us in on your lives!
Till soon,


Rockstar Girlfriend

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My girlfriend is an Internet rockstar. When we went out on our first date, I had no idea that she knew anything about SEO or even what she did for a living (online retail) or that she was basically famous. We were talking, as a man and women do on a date, on our way through the dirt parking lot of the Buick Invitational Golf Tournament and I found out she made a living on the Internet! Wow, so do I! We had so much to talk about right off the bat, she was beautiful (and still is very much so) and she told me that her 5 year plan was to move to the tropics and run her online business from there. She wanted to surf and live simply. I don’t know if she could read the expression on my face or if I disguised it, but I was done for good…I knew that we were going to grow old together.

The reason why I write all of this flattery and open up to you all, is that while clicking around her brothers site I made it to a site called where there are a few pictures of Summer. The anonymous comments left about her are priceless. The last guy really is classic, though, I don’t recall Summer actually going to Catholic University nor did I find any toilet shots…but I wouldn’t want to mess with this guy…he seems pretty tough.

Here is the picture everyone is commenting on:

summers melons

I just love this chic! Would anybody believe me if I told you she wears a pink bikini while riding a pink surfboard with “Viscious” written on it? (I heart you Summer)

Nice melons… and the fruit’s not bad either.

This human has to be one of the most striking females I have ever laid my eyes on and I could marry her and make her a GODDESS

I want this woman to beat me and make me write bad checks

lol You should make her write u a check for beating you

I am a bonified connoisseur of beautiful ladies, who was a senior in school with Antonella (Catholic University) when she was in her Softmore year. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure to actually meet her, she is really very nice, SO much hotter in person, and a whole lot smarter than than you would ever expect. Any man would be lucky to be by her side, and she would make the most secure woman jealous. She really is all that; a very rare, one of a kind, TEN. Some of the pictures are not even her at all, like the blow job ones, the ones that are her do not do her justice, and jerk that released the naughty and toilet photos deserves a good ass whipping; and believe me I can will walk the walk when you are exposed.