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A buddy sent this on over to me this afternoon after I sent him the “Wheel Of Fortune South Park” which he may or may not have been able to watch because of another one of these This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Viacom International Inc.…anyway….WORD!

Asshole Cops

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I have been trying to gather data regarding my theory that the majority of cops are the same class of people as convicted felons. That is, they break the law willingly to accomplish their personal agenda. The only fundamental difference between cops and felons is that cops are sanctioned by the State to carry firearms/tasers/clubs and can more often than not do what they want physically and verbally to the same, sometimes innocent citizens that pay their salaries. We The People are paying to live in a police state. Here is some data that I have found searching around the Internet. Let’s start with this video that just made its way around the national news.

  • Off Duty Cop Beats up Women
  • California Highway Patrol pay $4,000,000 award in a lawsuit over harassment
  • Use of Force Continuum doesn’t include Taser Use
  • Cops on Trial for killing Groom
  • 115lb girl Tasered by Carlsbad Police Officer
  • Off Duty Cop Beats up Women

    The video is of an off duty, 6’1” 250 pound Chicago Police officer beating the snot out a 115 pound women whom was tending bar where this seedy cop was hanging out getting wasted.

    California Highway Patrol pay $4,000,000 award in a lawsuit over harassment

    My take on this thing is that cops all work together for both good and bad. The situation for a Romona California man got bad after he filed a complaint against a Romona based CHP officer for removing the catalytic converter off of his vehicle while writing citations to other citizens that had done the same thing. He didn’t think that cops should be able to get away with illegal things that citizens can’t do.

    The suit alleges that for a period of 5 years the police harassed, ticketed and deterred business from this Romona based contractor for trying to point the finger at “one of their own.” The lawsuit probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere until two cops came forward saying that they were under pressure by their superiors including the head of the CHP to change their testimony to support the cop in question. One of his statements indicated the philosophy of the police force; “”You’re a member of the department and the department has an opinion. We do not,” he said. “When in deposition, we go out of our way to never be construed in any other way than we want to be construed. We are experts in testimony.” That philosophy isn’t the one I grew up on…I grew up being taught that honesty is the best policy.

    Use of Force Continuum doesn’t include Taser Use

    There have been over 200 deaths in the United States somehow related to Tasers. And still, many Police departments all over the country still haven’t placed using a Taser on citizens high up in their Use of Force continuum. Basically what that means is, that if you are verbally noncompliant to a police officer, the cop can taser you and ask questions later. Hmm, that sounds strange to me…shoot first ask later?

    Cops on Trial for killing Groom

    Three New York Police officers were indicted after firing 50 shots at three unarmed me in New York. The man that was killed was the groom at his own bachelor party. Even so, having enough evidence against the cops at the grand jury indictment to bring the cops to trial…there is still one witness that JUST came forward making statements supporting the cops. Hmmm…this sure sounds like the “experts in testimony” found someone outside the force to support their men in blue.

    115lb girl Tasered by Carlsbad Police Officer

    What can I say about this one? This 115 pound girl was tasered by a cop in Carlsbad at a local tavern. I was there with her and saw it all, no youtube on this one, it is engrained into my brain. After reading the police report, that the cop involved wrote, I have so much distaste for the Carlsbad Police department that it has completely turned my law abiding, tax paying citizen mentality upside down on how I view all cops. If you want the entire play by play, read it here and learn more about taser use here; if you want my opinion…I’ll give it to you. Asshole Cops.

    In the immortal words of Eazy-E:
    “Fuck the police. Fuck the police. Fuck ‘em”

    UPDATE: I pulled summer to my computer to look at this hateful post, she asked if I ever saw the video on YouTube where some kid gives a cop the middle finger for no reason, just because he could…and then the cop procedes to pull out his night stick and club the shit out of him. I said “NO”…so I looked, found it..and am now posting it here for you

  • Afraid of Heights?

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    I just read that the Grand Canyon Glass bridge project has opened to the public. This is insane! The glass bridge is over 4,000 feet above the floor of the Grand Canyon and Colorado river. Check out the artist rendering of what it will look like when it is complete from 2005 (i couln’t find any good pictures of it). The walk is being built by the Grand Canyon Resort Corporation on the Hualapai Indian Reservation on the south rim of the canyon. You can visit this place by driving a few miles (120) from Las Vegas. Personally, I would rather be playing blackjack…but if I am in the area…I’d check it out from the parking lot.

    This absolutely amazes me. A couple of years ago when I was in Toronto, I did the tourist thing and paid $20 to go to the top of the CN Tower which is 1,815 feet to the top. It gives a great view of the local airport and all of Toronto and also has a glass floor for those of you that are daring enough to walk over it just to look down. Now, I am afraid of heights, but have control of that fear in most day-to-day situations. Walking over a glass floor at this height? Well, I don’t really consider my fear of this a failure in my day to day application of mind over matter.

    Even looking at these pictures reminds me of the butterflies that were doing fly by’s of my entire body the entire time I was at the top. The only advantage I can see the Grand Canyon Glass Floor Bridge having is that there really isn’t anything around to put your height into perspective. Still, for those of you that like stuff like this, you are all insane.

    “Hey look ma, I am 4,000 feet up, and I paid to be here! Wahooooo”