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so…if you do a search for my first name, STEFAN…this is one of the sites that come up…that’s right…in the land of higher education (La Jolla) you too can earn a degree from Stefan University. I’ll have to admit that it wasn’t on my hitlist when I was sweating it out of the SAT’s and applying to colleges all around the U.S. Maybe it should have been…my time in La Jolla was great. Great waves, a long drive to go anywhere (being on the other side of Mt. Soledad), close to Pacific Beach (just in incase I felt inclined to get a tattoo) and lots of meth (amphetamine) heads keeping you on your toes.

Check it out:

Please post comments if you would like me pull any strings for you over there…I’ll hook you up. Go to the University of Stefan ….

Arrowood Golf Course San Diego

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I had a 2:40pm Tee Time today at Arrowood Golf Course. It was a good day. Geoff, Ford, Chris and I were the foursome. Normally, Ford Geoff and Conner clean up…but this time there was a catch. Summer and I have been playing golf once a week since her birthday and my golf game is on. I played really well on the front nine…. plus 9 leaving me at 46. For me, that is a sweet score. Along with that, we were playing skins with some little bets to help make the game more exciting. There were only 5 holes that the skins didn’t cary over. Ford won 12 skins, I won 5 and Geoff won one. Poor Smythe.

The back nine was a different story. I hit a few good drives with the Demo club, a Callaway Big Bertha Fusion F-T3 9 degree, straight and far…but I blew a lot of clinchers. I even had one 250 yard drive down the middle of the fairway that I managed to put into a sandtrap and then 5 put.

Arrowhead is all the way out in East Oceanside, about a 30 minute drive from Encinitas. The greens fee’s were $55 with the cart and they allow you to bring on coolers (hide the beer) for your golfing pleasure.

The houses surrounding the golf course are in the price range of $800,000 and they are in the middle of no where. The San Diego housing bubble has to burst…this is nuts.

The radiator to the van burst out a bunch of water and fluid after the drive home. The brakes are going too. Sweet.

Twisted Humor

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It seems that I have found sick and twisted humor very entertaining; yet again.

Today was a good day. I got a bunch of work done at the home office and went for a surf before going into the downtown San Diego office. Because I surfed at Blacks, I drove the van, so aside from being careful that it didn’t overheat on the way, I had to pay for parking downtown (my BMW X-5 has the parking pass).

I circled 10 square blocks looking for a free spot before I realized my search was a failure. I finally found a spot in a pay parking lot and was a bit annoyed that I had to pay $10 to park in downtown San Diego while I was working, but I get over that little shit pretty fast. I parked the ’76 Dodge next to a $70,000 limited corvette. Ironic.

I opened up the side door on the van with the music going to get ready. I threw on a collared shirt; put on some dress shoe’s and put on my work face. I locked up and walked through the parking lot towards the office when I saw this.

Ok, here I am, thinking about how great the day is and the solitude is completely shattered by the fact that God kills a kitten every time you masturbate! The Easter Bunny is going to be pissed…

San Diego Golf

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Nice Guy Comic Strip about Golf

The Nice Guy Comic

Ummm, this possibly could be me with some friends. There are a lot of serious golfers here in San Diego. You got Torrey Pines Golf Course, La Jolla Country Club, La Jolla Farms, The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe and all kinds of courses in the Desert (my way of saying more than 5 miles from the beach in Southern California)for all of these “serious golfers” to go nuts on. Expensive greens fee’s, valet’s for the Bently’s and Maybach’s, iced up golf carts with GPS Caddy’s. Fuck…how are summer and I going to learn how to play golf.

Well, the answer is San Diego Executive Golf Course! We are stoked. Lomas Santa Fe Executive Golf Course has been a great place to learn and not have to worry about keeping up a fast pace…too much.

hmmmmm….Cart Path Love….to be continued.

igloo cooler

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Ok, so I just bought this igloo cooler, and of course I looked at coolers online first in order to get an idea how much coolers cost. Here is the one I found on the igloo cooler website.

igloo cooler
The first thing I thought was that this thing would fit perfect between the captain chairs of the A-Team Van PERFECT!

Here is the part that made me blog about my cooler…this thing:
Ice Cube™ – Pearl Blue

Introducing the Ice Cube™ – this unique design from Igloo has changed the “shape” of the industry! User friendly and ergonomic. Unique cubical shape is easy to lift and carry. Has four handles: two easy-carry swing-up handles and two molded-in handles. Has a smaller footprint than traditional ice chests so it uses less space in vehicles. Built in storage compartment in lid for keys, cell phones, etc. Two cupholders molded into the lid. Removable food tray for extra dry storage.

Igloo Cooler Features:

* Drink Holders
* External Storage
* Holds 2-L Bottle Upright

Cooler Specifications
Cooler Size: 17.25″L x 17.25″W x 17.31″H
Igloo Cooler Capacity: 48 Qt. (45L)
Price: $40.00 and In Stock Now.

Of course they have the cooler in stock! It is $40 bucks when you can the same cooler at Wal-Mart for $20 bucks! Well…just a little rant, about my new cooler. Now we just need to go camping….