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Dog Bath Fun

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I gave Kuta and Monkey a bath today…they were both filthy. I have been planning on giving Kuta his summer haircut for a couple of weeks now and decided to charge it this afternoon. I really meant well.

Dog Bath Fun Abstract:
1.Kuta ran off after bath
2.Monkey, soaking wet, slides under fence and charges Kuta
3.Kuta herds monkey into the corner
4.Monkey spaz’s out
5.Monkey and Kuta get real, real dirty

Monkey and Kuta are not afraid :-)

Internet TV Lemon vs. Lime

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Ok, so I was watching the UFC Show on Spike Tv tonight before bed and a commercial caught my eye. It was a sprite commercial. Lemon vs. Lime; It was a bit Surreal, there were two sumo wrestlers painted yellow and green running at each other in a dead forest or something ‘trippy’ and collide in the middle and crush a man’s head.

WEIRD! But that is not what I am talking about….INERNET TV! Throughout the entire commercial there was a bar at the bottom….that looked just like the bar at the bottom of streaming Internet videos.

Streaming Video Image

So, what’s my point? The Internet finally gets the upper hand on TV. Big time TV Advertisers are realizing that statistics are showing kids spending more time on the Internet than they are in front of the Television…so much so that they are starting to make commercials look like the Internet. So what happens to the little guy? Well, big business fucks them.

Do some research on the bill that was just passed called Network Neutrality. Do you want to skip the research and find out what Network Neutrality is? It’s big business like Time Warner, AT&T and Verizon gold lining the pockets of a bunch of over weight high cholesterol, hooker fucking republican politicians that have never even used the Internet to do what is in the best interest of Big Business and not the people the politicians are supposed to be representing! They are taking the Internet away from us as you and I know it and empowering corporations to make money off of a Monopoly. Enron did it with their accounting fraud and Bush is doing it now in Iraq; screwing people over that don’t know any better. Wise up!

What these politicians don’t understand while they are flying around on their G5 private jets and making Sandra Day O’Conner wish she never aspired to be on the Supreme Court is that they are putting a choke hold on little business’ that are spread out all over the country making money on the Internet and spending it in OUR ECONOMY. What is going to happen to our economy when all of the Military contracts dry up because the American people finally make Bush pull our troops from Iraq? How is the American Imperialistic Government going to remain a super power if they disarm their people by stealing our Internet and giving it to corporate America? Isn’t that socialism? The revenue earned on the Internet is going to more than double last years revenue to something like $80 Billion this year…it is not all big business; it is small business’s and that is why big biz wants a chunk. “I want that, NOW!” They couldn’t get it legitimately and now they are playing dirty.

Summer told me at dinner tonight that she doesn’t think voting does any good; at first I was annoyed by it, but think about it. Millions of people are petitioning to stomp out the biased and BIG BUSINESS dominating the “Net Neutrality” Bill and it still moved up to the next level. I see where she gets her negative attitude on voting…but you should still sign the petition. Think about it…if politics could positively influence the Net Generation…this country may be run the way The People want it run…and an x-box at all White House Press Conferences.

Save the Internet today or your sprite commercial won’t be on Internet TV. Funny, all I wanted to blog about was streaming video graphics.

Michelin 4 x 4 Diamaris Cost $

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Today has been a great day for me. First, my 4.6l BMW X-5 gets a flat tire on the way to the DMV…I park it and walk the rest of the way so I can make the appointment I made to register my Dodge Van but it is hot out and I am wearing an Armani Suit and a nice Zegna shirt and tie for an appointment I have this afternoon…as I register the vehicle I am informed that I need to get another California Smog Check done because they only last 90 days. There’s another $45 bucks. I go back to the beamer and realize that I need to change the tire out…I am already sweaty from the hot Department of Motor Vehicles office and walking back to the car in the heat.

I take off my suit jacket and my button down and tie. Lay it on the set and begin to change out my tire. This sucked…I am not some wuss that doesn’t know how to do this…I have done it before and am mechanically inclined…just not in an Armani suit…before a day of visiting prospective clients.

Once I finally found where to place the jack under the truck (I had to look around in a ‘push-up’ position because I didn’t want to drag my nice pants around the oil on the street), I got the old Michelin 4×4 Diamaris changed out pretty quick. The spare tire looks VERY funny on there…i’ll take a picture and upload it in here. Before I picked up the tire to put it in the back of the rig, I inspected the 20’’ by 12’’ tire I found two huge nails (one sticking out the side) and a plug that was almost the size of a penny! So…now I need to buy a new tire instead of just plugin’ it.

…just so you know;

Michelin 4 x 4 Diamaris

Michelin 4 x 4 Diamaris

Michelin 4 x 4 Diamaris 315/35R20 Light Truck/SUV Performance tires are $367.99 each at Costco…the cheapest place I could find them when I went Online Tire shopping. I know, I know….If you drive a nice car you should be able to afford $400 dollar tires but F! That is a lot of money right before taxes are due… (June 15th).

Like a dog in heat cause…..

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Nope, I am not going to say it…I leave that to 2 live crew.

Monkey, my english staffordshire bull terrier has gone “into season.” Yep, that’s right, my dog is heat. There a bunch of warning signs that this is coming on, but like most girls…I just can’t read them.

The obvious physical warning signs that your dog is going into heat is her nipples getting bigger and her “womenhood” swells to a larger than normal size. Well, monkeys womenhood is alway large, and because she can’t read, I’ll tell you; she is so muscular and “large” she is mistaken for a male dog all the time.

The less obvious signs are her attitude change. Yes, dogs get PMS. I have to be careful around other dogs with her lately because she isn’t really open to the submissive thing before she goes into heat. If a dog wants to be the boss (this is how the dog world works…dominant dog rules the pack, all the less dominant dogs just kick it with tht alpha) and tries to get her to submit by aggressive rough housing…Monkey turns into the kid in the school yard that puts EVERYTHING into winning. Basically, she’s looks at other dogs and says “you wanna fight me…i dare you.” She is very confident. So, warning sign number 2 that your dog is going into heat is her being aggressive towards other dogs..Male and Female.

Another warning sign that she was going into heat was that she got really needy the past month. She would follow me around and nuzzle her head onto my lap while I was working on the computer..she would just stare at me and she would just sigh with a touch of wimper. She became very emotionaly high maintenence.

Now that she is in heat, it is the complete opposite. She is a sweetheart…she just wants attention from other dogs and is very submissive to male dogs…i haven’t had her around any females yet so I am not sure how she will be with them.

She may get studded on this one…we’ll see if the breeder ever calls back..if she does…MONKEY will have English Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies! Wahooooooooo…..

Muscular Dystrophy – tax write off

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Alrighty…I don’t think I have much of a fan-fare; but both of you, listen up. Summers friend Michael has Muscular Dystrophy and needs to upgrade his old piece of junk van that has beeen breaking down all the time to a brand “almost” new making a difference van…He needs it to drive. WE ALL NEED TO DRIVE…ahhhhhhhh!

Sure, he’ll never be able to step up to the 1976 B100 Dodge Van aka The A-Team van…but he’ll be able to get around town with your help…so love Michael, feel guilty for all the $16 Goose and Sodas you had last weedend at the $500 VIP table…and throw down some loot for a good cause…STEP UP

Read more from Michael himself by clicking on the Donate HERE! button.
Thanks all…enjoy…AND GIVE SOME MONEY!