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The Donkey Patrol Contest Website!

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Yeah, so we are dorks. At one time we were listening to the Dead Kennedy‚Äôs, Black Flag (before Rollins became a poet and an MTV Jackass pawn), surfing at any cost (skipping work, school, weddings, graduations, dates, flights, buses) before it was COOL TO BE A SURFER and refusing to sell out to the man…and suddenly…we are playing on computers all day long. Dorks.

Me and the boys that try to surf together when we make time from playing on our computers have a contest every year or twice a year called the Donky Patrol. Check it out for contest updates and all around stupid trash talking surfing dorks.

1976 B100 Dodge Van

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For Sale
Vintage 1976 Dodge Van

I bought the Dodge. I was wrong, it wasnt a ’74…it was a 76..once I get my broken cannon elph fixed again…i will post some more pictures. For now, I will leave you with a few comments I have gotten already: Shaggin’ Waggon, The Mystery Machine, The Ultimate Concert Mobile, Where’s the Disco Ball, YEAH BABY!, Sweet!, The lap belts in this make me feel real safe….I will add some pictures soon.

1976 Dodge B100 Van

1976 Dodge Van…I got it

The ladies love to ride in the back of my van ;-)

If it weren’t silver…it were black and had a big gold chain wearing black man named B.A. driving it instead of me…it would be the A-Team van.

A boys childhood dream finally comes true.

Vintage Van or Milk Truck?

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I want a van and I don’t want to be practical about it. I don’t need a commuter car…I live in Encinitas and take the Coaster (commuter train) to work which is downtown San Diego everyday. What I need is a ride that I can put my surfboards in, my dog and go surf and go camp in mexico with my girlfriend and her dog. I will probably have to use it to get around Encinitas on the weekends since I leave my work car downtown…but here are a few sweet ones that I found.

Check ‘em out….

This Police Van is sooo sweeeeet

Police Van Anyone?

1974 Dodge B100 Van

1974 Dodge Van…I want it

Whoa! The roundness is the spare tire, not an ottoman

The van is being offered by original owner. He is passionate about it and is only selling it because he has 5 vehicles! He has put 4,000 miles on it per year.

Well, what do you guys think…let me hear some feedback!

S400 Memory Card Error – Cannon Elph

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Ok…so I have had the S400 Cannon Elph camera for a couple of years and have been pleased with its performance…aside from trying to take pictures of action sports like skateboarding or surfing…the shutter speed was just too slow.

Then…right after my Indo Surf Charter it stopped working. It would read “Memory Card Error” all the time. I tried taking out the battery…buying a new memory card..nothing worked.

Well, I just spent an hour online looking at forums and I figured out how to fix the S400 Memory Card Error on my Cannon Elph in 8 steps.

1. Take out memory card
2. Press and hold the “menu” button until it prompts you to “reset factory default”?
3. Hit the set button to reset the factory defaults on your Elph
4. Insert memory card into a card reader on your computer
5. Go to “My Computer”
6. Right click on memory card (Lexar Media for me)
7. Format Card (this will erase everything!)
8. Insert memory and battery back into camera…

Following these steps fixed the S400 Memory Card Error my camera has been experiencing on and off for almost a year. My digital camera is now taking EPIC pictures again…we’ll try today at Travis and Ellies wedding….nice…Wedding Photography to test out the fix!

English Staffordshire Puppy

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Ok, So here I go…i am going to put Youtube on my blog…but this is a special occasion…I found a video of Monkey, my English Staffordshire Bull Terrier that everyone should see! She looks like Pluto…all lanky and uncoordinated…

Be patient through the itching…and watch close!

My English Staffordshire Bull Terrier at around 12 Weeks young!

What do ya’ll think of youtube?