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Sales Projections and Pitch

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DON” UNDERSELL YOURSELF…..go for National Sales Manager: Hire an assistant with experience…fuck it, go for broke. Worst case scenario you are selling Kerby Vacuum cleaners until you start your own business…but at least you got the experience and made 200k last two years…what? Are they going to repo your house? NO. Are you going to default on your Mortgage? NO. Are you not going to make you car payment? could fuckin tend bar and make that payment. Go for it all or move back to Florida you fuckin pussy. I mean….fuuuuck. ;-)

It was such a good rant, i decided to post it here…for you.


TV Lies and Computers Infuriate

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Ok, so I am going to vent a little bit; TV Lies and Computers Infuriate . I know everyone who has come accustomed to using their computers everyday hate them on some days. I make my living on the computer so I have a love hate relationship with mine for sure. I know you are with me.

Last night my PC would not recognize a new logitec mouse I installed…I already unplugged the old one and could get no where shaking around the little egg shaped device I have come to rely upon. My usual Control Alt Delete combo wo

It wouldn’t allow me to see my control panel where I was going to shut down all programs safely and shut down the computer to restart. As a matter a fact, my keyboard stopped working as well. This is a brand new Sony Vaio.

I broke my keyboard and bloodied my knuckles after 10 minutes of rational trouble shooting, USB port checks, m

Mouse plug checks and three minutes of counting to ten.

I think that horribly immature action will be as close as I ever come to wrecking a hotel room rockstar style; destroying my $20 keyboard. Wow, I have come along way since The City Gardens and Morlyn Terrace.

I don’t know if the “long way” is positive or not…Definitely NERDY though.

Sorry to disapoint you with the TV LIES comment without expanding on it, I hate TV too. Thanks for listening.

Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

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Ok, so I need to add a disclaimer about the BEST LAS VEGAS HOTEL AND is the best for the price. Summer and I went to Vegas on Sunday night and left Tuesday morning. We flew in on America West and took a taxi to our hotel, which was on the Las Vegas Strip; The Imperial Palace!

Ha, who would have thought…I have stayed at a few of the nice places in Las Vegas: The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, The Bellagio, The Wynn, THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay. The Rio…and they are all nice…definately have the BLING factor and are Hotel and casinos you don’t really need to leave…and still hit up some great clubs and restaurants.

If you are looking for a stealth mission to Vegas just for some gambling fun, no bling just betting? Then you need to stay at the Imperial Palace. We paid $39 a night for our room, which had a small TV and a deck. The room was nice because it was a cheap clean room that didn’t smell, so I would stay there again.

It is on the strip, so it is close to everything and the Monorail runs right through it. We were paying $9 for two people everytime you board…no matter how far you go. I think it cost like $40 for a 4 day Las Vegas mono-rail pass for unlimited rides.

There is a Subway on one side of you on the Strip and a Starbucks on the other side of you on the strip. I didn’t try any of the food at the IP but the Dealertainers were awesome.

The Black Jack Dealers dress up as famous artists and perform throughout the night(Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Elvis, Louis Armstrong, Gwen Stefani)…good $10 black jack tables..they paid well. The dealers remember your name and ENTERTAIN you while they are dealing…

After paying $15 bucks for a taxi to the airport, I found out that the Imperial Palace has a Las Vegas Airport Shuttle for $4 a person that runs every half an hour.

If you are looking for a budget trip to Las Vegas because you go all of the time and you are in the mood to lay low (so to speak), stay at the Imperial Palace…fun, good dealers, clean rooms, easy access to the monorail and anything BUT Bling. Have fun in VEGAS!